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Philadelphia Magazine Shoppist – DnA Salon to Open New Location in Northern Liberties


NoLib folks and DnA Salon devotees, we’ve got news: The salon is gearing up for a big move at the end of the month. And Shoppist has the scoop on what’s in store for the bigger, better location. Believe us, you want to know these deets.

First, breathe a sigh of relief: the new salon is barely a block away from its former location. The new address, 1109 North American Street features a gorgeous new bi-level, 1,800 square-foot space with a modern-meet-industrial vibe (think: 18-foot ceilings, a glossy cement floor, and exposed brick walls and steel beams). There will also be custom-built super-deep washing stations for gals and guys with long hair.

The new salon is slated to open Tuesday, July 29, and as always, will offer cuts, color, styling, keratin treatments, hair extensions, waxing, and makeup application. Plus, to celebrate the move, the salon is offering 10 percent off on all hair services beginning on opening day and continuing through the month of August. A new salon and a sweet discount might be just the incentive to chop your locks—don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Details: Opens July 29th at 1109 North American Street; Hours are Tuesday 8:30am to 8pm, Wednesday through Friday 10am to 8pm, and Saturday 10am to 5pm. 

New Expanded Location for DnA Salon

DnA Salon has moved, around the corner from our current location at Liberties Walk in Northern Liberties, to our new and expanded location, still in Northern Liberties, of course.
DnA Salon is now located at 1109 N. American St. Philadelphia, PA 19123. Same phone: 215-925-1881.
We look forward to serving you at our new location. Press release and photos to follow. Be sure to book your appointment today and stop in to see the new location.

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter ravages hair, as it’s suffering from the constant changes in temperature, Indoor heating, long steamy showers, excessive heat styling and blow-drying can all cause a mane meltdown. Winter is particularly dehydrating for hair and it craves moisture more than ever. However, a little preparation, and a lot of protection, goes a long way. Intense treatments keep hair strong and aid against colour fade. It’s also important to maintain your regular hair care regimen, so keep up the regular haircuts and colours. Simply follow our easy winter hair care tips for salon perfect hair all year long.

Dry air, cold weather and indoor heating sap moisture out of your hair, so it’s important to condition your hair regularly to prevent unnecessary breakage. We recommend Moroccan Oil Restorative Hair Mask. This unique formula is enriched in vegetable proteins and will help bring out hair’s inner health, leaving it incredibly moisturized with a brilliant shine. We offer this treatment in the salon or you can purchase this product and use at home. We recommend a weekly deep conditioning treatment during these harsh winter months.

Blow-drying, straightening and curling hair can add extra damage during the winter when hair is more brittle. If you’re dead set on blow drying or styling your hair with a hot tool, use a nourishing pre-treat and protect your crowning glory. We recommend Sojourn Monoi Oil, an ultra-light, yet deep conditioning treatment, specially formulated for chemically treated, dry, frizzy and environmentally damaged hair. Enriched with natural moisturizers, this botanically based hydrating oil absorbs instantly into the hair with no residue or build-up for a clean, healthy and fresh look that leaves hair soft and shimmering all day long.

Sultry hues tend to look healthier and shinier and are less maintenance than blondes in the winter months. Luscious dark tresses enhance your eyes, make your teeth appear whiter and brings out those cheekbones. Consider dark woody tones with warm mocha highlights or deep shades of dark, rich coffee bean.
beautiful hair (1)

Regular trims are essential for healthy looking hair, so be sure to schedule your hair appointments in advance. While you’re there, have them do a treatment to lock in moisture prior to your cut. Call award winning DnA Salon, in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, and schedule a free consultation today.

Great Hair Starts with a Great Consultation

Perfect the art of the consultation with honesty and a couple of pictures.
Before getting your hair cut, hair color or hair style a good consultation with your stylist is a key part in having a successful appointment. Have you ever sat down and not completely know how to really explain exactly what you want from your hair appointment? Here are a few tips to make the next consultation with your hair stylist successful and get your perfect hair.
Bring Pictures
We like them a lot, but remember to keep your pictures reasonable.  If you have fine straight hair don’t bring in a picture of a woman who clearly has thick, curly hair and ask for her haircut. It’s not going to happen, unless we put in hair extensions, which I can, girl! Look for pics containing styles that are achievable for your own hair, texture and density.
Know What You Don’t Want
Sometimes being clear on what kind of style you don’t want is just as important as what you do want. Bringing a picture of what you like and don’t like is always a good idea and is highly recommended. Specific likes and don’t likes helps us stylists narrow down and execute the perfect cut or color!
Be Honest
Have you been touching your color up at home with a box? Do you really have time to blow out your hair as often as you say? Were your bangs too short last time? Was your color too red or too dark? Let your stylist know, as honesty is always the best policy during a consultation. A good hair stylist will be 100% honest with you if they don’t think a certain color/style won’t work. So why not be honest with them back? An honest conversation will ensure a great experience and get your perfection.
You can have some fun with Marie Claire virtual hairstyle makeovers , but for a real consultation, nothing replaces a heart to heart discussion with your stylist.
My consultations are always complimentary. If you are ready for a change, or perfection, call me at DnA Salon and schedule a consultation.
Stylist Kristen Gibson

Ballet Inspired Makeup

Ballet Inspired Makeup

Ballet Inspired Makeup is such a versatile look and is one of my favorites. Not only is ballet inspired makeup perfect for the timeless Bridal Ballet Inspired Wedding but this look has many other applications. Have you considered this look for a night out on the town? Or do you want to be a ballerina for Halloween this year? The Royal Ballet look can be just what you were looking for this year.

Call to schedule an appointment for any makeup service. Don’t think of a makeup appointment as just for weddings. With Amy Sumser on our team, she can provide any makeup service you want and/or need. From the natural to the dramatic and from a specific theme to special effects…whatever you want to achieve, Amy can do.

royal ballet

Walking Dead Zombie Makeup

Walking Dead Zombie Makeup

Halloween 2013 is around the corner, have you decided on your costume this year and the makeup to compliment the look? DnA Salon’s makeup artist, Amy Sumser, is also a graduate from Make-Up Designory in Los Angeles and can also do special effects makeup. Do you want to be a Zombie this year and have the special effects to go with that costume?

Call DnA Salon to schedule an appointment for any makeup service. Don’t think of a makeup appointment as just for weddings. With Amy Sumser on our team, she can provide any makeup service you want and/or need. From the natural to the dramatic and from a specific theme to special effects…whatever you want to achieve, Amy can do.


Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist Amy Sumser

DnA Salon welcomes our new makeup artist, Amy Sumser. As a Philadelphia native, Amy discovered her love for the arts early in life. Through painting and drawing she began to develop her own personal style of creative expression. She took her talents to the University of the Arts, where she majored in Fine Arts. Years later, she found herself exploring new mediums, which led her to her true passion – MAKEUP. In pursuit of her dreams, she headed across the country, to Los Angeles, where she attended Make-Up Designory, gaining education in print, film, and television makeup, with a focus in Special FX. As a freelance makeup artist, Amy resides back in her hometown of Philadelphia. With her creative edge and an eye for detail, her goal is to bring out the character within every client, beautifully and artistically.

Summer Hair Tips from Philadelphia’s Best Hair Salon

Summer Hair Tips

Summer Hair Tips by Stylist Kristen Gibson from DnA Salon

It’s safe to say that at this point in the year almost every day is a bad hair day. It’s hot, it’s humid, and your hair is probably frizzy as hell. There is seemingly no amount of product or heat styling that is going to keep your humidity-stricken hair at bay. As a curly haired girl, I know what you are going through. I have lived this dilemma every summer for the past 20+ years. It has taken me quite a few years of being in the hair industry, and lots of trial and error on my own head, to figure out how to keep my hair looking good during these hot summer months.

Here are some useful tips that I feel can help you and your hair bear this heat without compromising style:

Use a good quality moisturizing conditioner and lots of it. Well-moisturized locks are a little bit happier and don’t feel the need to act out as much as dry ones do. If you naturally have dry hair, try and leave a little bit of conditioner in your hair for a little extra punch of moisture. You will see a difference! I recommend Moroccan Oil Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner; it packs a ton of moisture and won’t weight your hair down!

Moil for Blog

Do not over-process. Over-processed hair is frizzy to begin with and mixing it with humidity is a recipe for disaster. Like I already said, use lots of conditioner with high moisture impact (even if it’s just on the ends to prevent greasy roots) to get it in check. A good smoothing serum will help a lot, too. Also, get trims regularly to get those ends off and to keep your hair healthy. If necessary, see your stylist about getting a conditioning treatment to help prevent/repair damage. I recommend Serum Smooth by Sojourn. It is a light, yet powerful serum that will help keep your hair smooth, your frizz down and helps prevent split ends. This product has a highly packed with cashmere keratin for an extra silky result!

The sun fades color. Wear a hat or use UV protectant products to prevent the sun from fading your color. At the pool and beach, hats are totally cute and a completely acceptable way to keep your hair (and face!) guarded. On a day to day basis I recommend a product with UV block in it to keep your color intact. I recommend the Sojourn Color line, all which contain plant-based UV block.


Try different ponytails or that Pinterest braidWork it, girlfriend! There are a million different ways to execute the art of pulling your hair back. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Here, I have even found some links to inspire you and help you out on getting that hair off of your neck by learning how to Braid Your Hair.

The ever so popular Keratin Treatment has been the frizzy haired girl’s lifesaver. The couple-hour, couple-hundred dollar process will keep your mane smooth and easier to manage for months. All the money and patience that goes into it is completely worth it for most people. It also has a cumulative effect, meaning the more you do it, the longer it lasts and the smoother your hair will be. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for whoever invented this. This one is surely a crowd pleaser.

The most crucial of all the lessons that I have learned is to work with what your momma gave ya’. That’s right, own your hair texture and work with it during this time of year.

Kristen Gibson

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Spring ponytails were positioned at the nape and ironed to emphasize their sleekness. For Fall 2013, the hair trends position stayed put but textures differed. At couture runway shows, pieces were pulled down around the face or tucked behind the ears to emphasize the style’s haphazard ease, while other designers kept the hair swept back and sharply parted. Girlish, bouncier versions of the ponytail were also on the runway.
Ask your DnA Salon stylist how to achieve this Fall2013 Hair Trends at home.






Perfect Hair Color


Perfect Hair Color

DnA Salon understands the importance of the water used with regards to professional hair color results. Tap water is harsh with many elements that can negatively impact your hair color. For this reason, DnA Salon has a specialized water filtration and purification system to protect the overall outcome of your hair color service.

To protect your professional hair color results at home, we recommend our Sojourn line of sulfate free, properly ph balanced shampoos and conditioner that are all 100% color safe.